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  • Product Name:

    Sphere Ball Magnet

  • Model No: Sphere Ball Magnet


Sphere Ball Magnet has the round ball shape of Rare earth magnets and permanent magnets. It is always manufactured via grinding, etc. NdFeb Sphere ball magnets have the following important factors such as Diameter etc.

Neodymium Sphere Ball Magnet Feature:
1, Stress Relief
2, Innovation is the key to life.
3, Total Creative Control
4, Educational Benefits
5, A Creative Outlet

Neodymium Sphere Ball Magnet Specification:
1, The Sphere Ball Magnet toy (buckyball) is an entertainment device like no other in the world.
2, The Sphere Ball Magnets (buckyball)  are comprised of 216 individual high-energy rare-earth ball magnets.
3, This allows you to create and recreate an outrageous number of shapes and patterns.
4, The Sphere Ball Magnets are literally a puzzle with billions of solutions.
5, Your Sphere Ball Magnet will provide you with hours and hours of unequaled entertainment! Features:
1. Sphere Ball Magnet is the future of puzzles
2. Dual brain hemisphere stimulation
3. Gaming
4. Stress Relief
5. Boredom Busting
6. Available ball diameters: D1mm, D2mm, D3mm, D4mm, D 5mm,D6mm, D8mm, D10mm…D50mm.
7. Grade: From N35-N50 Benefits together. And the buckyball toys have various coating for selection such as, golden, white, yellow, bule, red, silver, black and etc, also the color can be customized.

Kind Notes: If the little kids are playing the buckyball toys, the adults shall accopmay kids aside to avoid them swallow the single ball maget to cause discomfortable or dangerous.

Some buckyball magnet Products:

HL9-10 HL9-9 HL9-7 HL9-6 HL9-4 HL9-1
































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