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    Screwdriver Magnetizer

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Screwdriver Magnetizer and De-magnetizer are the small portable magnetic tools to fast magnetize the screwdriver tips to achieve the magnetic force. Just Put the screwdrivers tip through the center hole of the magnetizer, the tips of screwdrivers will be magnetized. So the screwdriver can catch up the small screws and other small steel parts to install them in the proper locations fastly and effectively.

If you want to eliminate the magnetic force, only need the de-magnetizer tools to operate in the same way, then no holding force on the screwdriver tip.

We Porvider the Screwdriver Magnetizer and De-magnetizer in main 3 sizes :

  1.  Hole ID 4 mm, OD 17 mm, Height 10mm
  2.  Hole ID 5 mm, OD 17 mm, Height 10mm
  3.  Hole ID 7 mm, OD 17 mm, Height 10mm

Colors: White, Green, Red, Yellow

screwdriver magnetizer (3)screwdriver magnetizer (2)




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