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    Round Speaker Magnets

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Speaker magnets and Loudspeaker magnets

According to the design principle of speaker, loudspeaker, headset, earphone. A single or multi pieces Permanent magnets shall be installed to provide the stable magnetic field to cut by the current coil, then the current coil will achieve the moving by fields interplay.

Alnico Magnets, Ferrite magets Y25, Y30, Y35 and Rare Earth Neodymium (NdFeB) magnets N35H, N38H are widely used as speaker, loudspeaker magnets. For the better magnetic performance, Neodymium magnets are main used for high quality speaker systems to get excellent sound effects.

Speaker Magets are mainly made into thin ring shape for external magnetic circuit speaker, assembled with T iron. disc shape magnets for inner magnetic circuit speaker, assembled with U iron.

We manufacture and provide various permanent speaker magents with different magnet grade, ferrite, NdFeb, Alnico in whole series dimensions. Also, we can manufacture the customized magnets shape according to your specification.


Ndfeb speaker magnet

Ferrite speaker magnet

ndfeb Disc speaker magnet

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