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    Magnetic Welding Earth Connection

  • Model No: Magnetic Welding Earth connection


What Features of our Magnetic Welding Earth Connection?

Magnetic Earth Cable Connection for welding is the optimized products for the earth cable clamp, while the welding working, the normal clamp will be easy to loose the clamping force due to the long time use, also the clamp will not suitable for the thicker workpiece welding and the clamping position will be stricted at  the plate edge. 

Magnetic Earth Cable Connection for welding used the permanent magnets to holding the brass earth cable onto the workpiece in any convenient location, For DC welding such as SMAW, GMAW/FCAW, to adjust the connector location to remedy the welding arc offset the get the better welding operation, especially for welding the pipe structure. Because of the holding force come from the permanent magnet, so, it can not directly hold on the Austenite material such as Austentite SS, Al and so on.

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