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NdFeB Block Magnet, Rectangular NdFeB Magnets

NdFeB Block Magnet, Rectangular NdFeB Magnets
NdFeB rectangular block magnets are supplied in stock sizes varying from 3mm cubes up to 100mm x 50mm x 10mm and 70mm x 70mm x 25mm blocks. The stock sizes are supplied with +/-0.1mm tolerances. The pull forces vary from 0.7kg up to 120kg. The larger NdFeB magnets will be a hard and danger job to handle because of the very high holding force that exist and very easy to hurt your fingers while the magnets attacting each other or other iron base metal. High attention shall pay to operating the larger NdFeB magnets to installing and assembling. For note the last dimension (with “mmA” as the ending) defines the direction of magnetisation. So, for a 5mm x 10mm x 2mmA magnet, the pole faces are 5mm x 10mm in size with 2mm being the distance between the pole faces of that magnet. The “A” in “mmA” means that direction of magnetisation is “Aligned” with the axis that the “A” has been put against.

Material: Neodymium, iron, boron, and a few transition metals
Grade:  N30SH to N45SH, N30H to N48H
Coating: Nickel, Zinc,Epoxy
Applications: Wind-turbine generators, Fan motors, Cleaning machines, Electric motorcycle, Wind turbine generator.MRI,

NdFeB Motor Block Magnet N35H50mm NdFeb Rectangular Magnet BlockNeodymium block magnet N50Strong NdFeB square magnet N52























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