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Product detail

  • Product Name:

    Magnetic Welding Positioner

  • Model No: HLF80XX


Magnetic Welding Positioner and Magnetic Welding Holder are made of steel parts and permanent magnet which has the holding force to catch up the Ferrous base steel parts.  Magnetic welding positioners are widely used in steel parts fit up and welding, jointing in 90o or 45o architecture and finish machining field and so on.These high quality welding magnets are designed for quick and accurate positioning of parts during fit up, assembly and tack welding to achieve the required angle shape. because of the Holding force by the permanent magnet, while fit up, no additional mechanical jig or attachments is needed,they are the perfect solution for welder and fitter to improve work quality and reduce costly fit up time.

Welding magnets or Magnetic welding positioner can be used on ferrous pipe, plate and tubing. The welding magnets includes: Magnetic holdfast and holders, magnetic positioners, magnetic fixturer, magnetic mitre clamps, magnetic quick clamps, magnetic adjustable links, magnetic plate drags and welding earth clamp.

We also manufacture the Magnetic welding positioner has an on/off  switch. While the switch is on the OFF position, magnet field will be shield and it’s easy to remove the welding positioner, also, meanwhile it’s very easy to clean the attracted iron scraps from the positioner surface.

magnetic welding positioner 1


Model Size Power force Weight
mm N g
HLF8001 96×64×15 58 200


arrow magnetic welding positioner

Model Size Power force Weight
mm N g
HLF8002 120×83×15 78 300
HLF8003 155×102×16 196 630
HLF8004 190×121×26 294 1050


tri-angle magnetic welding positioner

Model Size Power force Weight
mm N Kg
HLF8005 140×140×37×90 588 1.7
HLF8006 225×225×20×90 245 2
HLF8007 300×300×35×90 294 4.6


magnetic welding positioner 2

Model     Size (mm) Working angle Power force Weight
A B C D N Kg
HLF8008 42 150 150 50 90° ≥100 2
HLF8009 42 200 200 50 90° ≥130 3
HLF8010 42 300 300 50 90° ≥150 5


adjustable magnetic welding positioner

Model     Size (mm) Working angle Power force Weight
A B C N Kg
HLF8011 105 105 36 75° 60° 45° 25 1.5



magnetic welding positioner with switch


Model Size Power force
mm N
HLF8014 120×72×43 392



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