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Product detail

  • Product Name:

    Magnetic Triangle Stand and Magnetic V Block

  • Model No: F200X


 Magnetic Triangle stands and Magnetic V Blocks are widely used in machining manufacture, dimension verfication and measuring center as the working base or workbench. Magnetic V block can efficiently suppot shaft, pipe & tube, sleeve socket and other round cylinder workpieces to make sure the axial line be parallel to the working base, it’s convenient to align the workpiece or marking line. The magnetic V Block has the magnetic force on the V surface and Base surface, on/off swither can shut down the holding force then remove the base or workpiece easily.

We manufacture various sizes of Magnetic V Blocks in Flat or V base surface and 2 kinds of  V groove precision: 0.02mm / 0.1mm for your choice.

Specifications of Our Magnetic V Blocks and Magnetic Triangle stands

Model     Size (mm) Power force Weight Precision
Length Width Height V-shape Flat surface Kg mm
F2001 70 60 73 90° 25Kg 1.5 0.02 / 0.1
F2002 80 70 95 90° 30Kg 2.2
F2003 101 70 95 90° 30Kg 2.6
F2004 101 70 150 90° 40Kg 3.6
F2005 120 70 95 90° 40Kg 3.2


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