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Product detail

  • Product Name:

    Magnetic Surface Block

  • Model No: HLF300X


Magnetic Surface Block  magnetic surface plate and magnetic V block are widely used in machining manufacture, dimension checking and measuring center as the working base or working bench. The Surface block can suppot round shape parts such as shaft, pipe & tube, sleeve socket and other round cylinder workpieces to make sure the axial line be parallel to the working base, it’s convenient to align the workpiece or marking off . The magnetic surface block has the magnetic force on the V surface, base surface and side surfaces, with the on/off swither it can shut down the holding force then remove the base or workpiece easily.

Our Magnetic surace plate or Magnetic Square Block has the precision of 0.01mm/100mm to carried out the precise marking off job and other measurements.

Specifications of Our Magnetic Surface Block (Magnetic Square Block)

Model     Size (mm) Power force Magnetism Distance Weight
Length Width Height V-shape Flat surface P1 P2 Kg
HLF3001 100 100 100 245N 392N 5 11 7.5
HLF3002 150 150 150 490N 1274N 6 18 22


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