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  • Product Name:

    Magnetic Keychain & Carabiner Snap Hook with Split Ring

  • Model No: Magnetic Keychain Hook


Magnetic Keychain & Carabiner Snap Hook with Split Ring

Magnetic Keychain, Magnetic Carabiner Snap Hook has a Permanent Magnetic Sanp holder & Shallow Round Pot Magnet which provide the strong pulling force to hold on ferrous base metal, and with a split keychain ring made of aluminum to conveniently collect keys, small carabiner rings, curtain rings and other suitable peices.

The Magnetic keychains, Magnetic carabiner snap hooks are easy to attach to smooth surface, making them a perfect and convenient hanging tools to stick on refrigerator, steel bar, and any ferrous base surface.

Two kinds of permanent magnet will be the selection for This Magnetic Keychain & carainer & fridge snap hook:

  • Neodymium Magnet can provide Maximum 57 Lbs (26 kgs)! Holding force
  • Ferrite Magnet can provide Maximum 11Lbs (5 Kgs)! Holding force
  • Magnetic Snap Holder is the round flat shape in Diameter 28.5mm & thickness 5.4mm & light weight 28g
  • Magntic Snap Holder can be Plated in Cr, Ni, and other surface.
  • Keychain Split Ring is made of Aluminum in colorful colors for choice.

The Keychain & Carabiner Snap Hook with Split Ring can be a useful household & decoration & ourdoor hanging tool.

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