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Product detail

  • Product Name:

    Magnetic Hook

  • Model No: Magnetic Hook HLF(N)90.XX


Hilan Magnetic Hook  also called Pot Magnets with Hook, we produce and assemble NdFeB and Ferrite Magnet Hooks,it can hold just about anything you need to keep within easy reach. Use one on the refrigerator for aprons,oven mitts or kitchen gadgets. They’re also handy in the office pn filing cabinets or in a school or gym locker.

If use NdFeB magnet, it will be with strong magnetics.Super strong neodymium magnet assembly with easy-clip carabine holder has 45 lbs. pull. Use to hang a tool belt or other heavy items to metal walls, beams and cabinets.
This powerful hook works well in jobber vans, workshops, auto repair and service stations, or even in the warehouse. 1.125″ diameter.

Hilan Magnetic Hook Feature:
1. It is easy to produce and assemble
2. Can handle something that is heavy
3. lower cost and useful for dariy life
4. Customized designs are acceptable
5. Samples are available, prompt delivery and good after serices.

Hilan Pot Magnets with hook Detail:

1.White Round Pot magnets with hook  HLF90.25 / HLN90.25WHITE hook

Model     Size (mm) Power force Weight  (g)
N g
HLF90.25 Ø40×12 15 32
HLN90.26 Ø40×12 58 33


2. Rectangle Pot magnets with Rotatable hook  HLF90.01F9001

Model     Size (mm) Power force Color Weight
N g
HLF90.01 33×26×15 19.6 Various 35



3. 360 degree Rotatable round Magnetic Hook  HLF90.04 F9004

Model     Size (mm) Power force Color Weight
N g
HLF90.04 Ø76×10 390 Black 255







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