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  • Product Name:

    Universal Magnetic Dialgauge Stand

  • Model No: WCE-6CX


Magnetic Bases with switch are the most universal type holder for dial gauge or indicator and are widly used in machining manufacture and measuring operation. The back side and bottom side of magnetic bases are energized for gripping the flat surface or a vee-slot enables the stands to hold on radius surface such as pipe or tube . The heavy duty magnetics bases have the turn On/Off switch to shift powering the magnetic holding force. We have the several models for the magnetic bases have various holding force: 60kg/80kg/100kg/120kg/150kg, and mini type in 30kg

Universal Magnetic Dial Gauge Stand /Magnetic Indicator Holder is made of a Permanent Magnetic Base and a universal mechanical arm locked by a swivel button. It can arbitrarily universally adjust the direction and location, convenient and flexible regulation, only needs to wrench swivel button, all the konbs will be tightened. The universal magnetic dialgauge stand also has a fine adjusting screw which can fine adjust the angle & location of  clamped dialgauge & indicator. Normally the clamping hole is for gauges & indicators in  metric. BS gauges also can be selection only to change the clamping end. The universal magnetic dial gauge stand can be flexibley fixed in any part of the machine, the processing, the workpiece measurements,detection, the more stable is the ideal tool for precision measurement.

Our Standard Models of Universal Magnetic Dial Gauge Stand is WCE-6CA, WCE-6CB, WCE-6CC. They have the magnetic base in 60mm x 55mm x50mm, 60kgf (132Lbs) Holding force, 1.3 to 1.5Kg light weight. After extension, the overall length of the stands are about 405mm/365mm/350mm (bottom surface to the clamping hole). The mechanical Arm can be adjusted universally in any direction and any angle.

For the stronger holding force, you only need to select other models of the magnetic base such as 80kg/100kg/120kg and 150kg.

 Model Magnetic Base Size  (mm) Holding Force            (Kg) Overall Height (mm) Screw Hole Material Weight
Length Width Height Panel Switch (Kg)
WCE-6CA 60 50 55 60 405 M8 Plastic or Metal Plastic or Metal 1.5
WCE-6CB 60 50 55 60 365 M8 1.4
WCE-6CC 60 50 55 60 350 M8 1.3

1.     Panel with Brand or Neutral Panel For Choice

2.     Magnetic Holding Base Can be Selected Accordingly

3.     Colorful Paint for WCE-6CC Arm

4.     Standard Products Fit to Metric Gauge, BS Gauge should be noted

5.     With Fine Adjusting Swivel Button

WCE-6CA universal mechanical arm with fine adjusting magnetic dialgauge standwce-6cb mechanical arm universal magnetic base with fine adjust for dial indicatorwce-6cc fine adjust mechanical universal arm magnetic stands for gauge indicator






















Hydraulic Tighting YW-8CU Magnetic Indicator Holder

YW-8CU hydraulic tignt universal arm magnetic daiagauge stand with fine adjusting













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