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  • Product Name:

    Magnetic Base

  • Model No: MB-xxD


Magnetic Base  is a  magnetic holding tool based on a strong permanent magnet which can be switched status on and off for working and working off. Magnetic bases are the most universal type holder for dial gauge or indicator and widely used in machining manufacture and measuring fields. The Magnetic base and two sides are energized for gripping of flat surface and a vee-slot enables it to hold on round surfaces .

The magnetic base comprised two iron blocks, using a round cavity bored through the center. two blocks assembled together with a non-ferrous material. The permanent strong magnet was inserted into the hole. switch handle will be installed to easily rotate the magnet to change the magnetic field to achieve the holding on and holding off status.

We provide several kinds of standard magnetic bases ( Brand: Magnetool )and various customized magnetic bases. The regular magnetic bases have strong holding force such as 30/60/80/100/120/150kgf in small size. Also, the 30kg holding foce magnetic base is the mini type base and only has 36x30x35mm size, 0.20kg light weight. For the panel and switch, 3 options will have your choice: 1,Metal panel with Metal switch. 2 Plastic Panel with Plastic Switch. 3, Metal Panel with Plastic Switch. Normal Color for our magnetool base is Black and Red.

Installing screw hole of our Magnetic is normally M8. Mini type base is M5, Other size of screw holes such as M6, M8 can be customized.

The magnetic bases will have other usages due to they are the magnetic holding tools and switch to shade the magnetic fields.  If your mounting a handle bar in the screw hole, the magnetic base will be a small convenient magnetic lifter to transport the steel parts.


Specifications of Magnetool Standard Magnetic Base:

Base    Model Magnetic Base Size (mm) Holding Force   Kg Screw Hole Material Weight
Length Width Height Panel Switch Kg
NF-H 36 30 35 30 M5 Plastic or Metal Plastic or Metal 0.20
MB-6D 60 50 55 60 M8 0.95
MB-8D 60 50 55 80 M8 0.95
MB-10D 74 50 55 100 M8 1.19
MB-12D 120 50 55 120 M8 1.95
MB-15D 126 60 52 150 M8 2.30

*MB-15D will only have the flat bottom surface


Several kinds of Magnetic bases and Magnetic working bench.

Magnetic base panel and switch Magnetic base 6 Strong Magnetic base Small Magnetic lifter magnetic V blockMagnetic square Block

































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