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    Magnetic Badges

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These Magnetic badges or Name Badge Magnets are strikingly unique from any other and present the person wearing it in a very elegant and dignified manner.  have a unique design where the name badge has a metal plate at the back side, which is made to stand with a strong magnet. You can forget about the clumsy pins and clips that hold traditional name badges, making it a superior way to carry oneself to work. Especially if you are getting name badges done for senior executives in the organization, magnetic name badges are your best bet.

Magnetic Badges or Name Badge Magnets have considerably longer life as the handling of these widgets is quite easy and less complicated. While traditional pinned badges can get rusted in some climatic conditions, magnetic name badges can withstand any climate and would still remain as elegant as ever. Getting a metal name badge with a magnetic stripe at the back, can be a better investment as metal gives a very powerful status statement over plastic or fiber

Our Magnetic name badges are customizable in various shapes and sizes and the quantity of Permanent magnets, Plastic or Metal for the surface cover of name badge magnets. further more they are completely reusable! We have been in business for more than 8 years and have since developed many products to serve our client’s needs.

45mm X 12mm Colorful Magnetic Name Badge:

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