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Holding Magnets and Pot Magnets Series 2

1. Holding Magnets and Magnetic Pots Series 2

Holding or Pot magnets:   Different Holding Magnets, such as Square, Disc and Ring Holding Magnets, Hard Ferrite (Ceramic), Alnico.NdFeB and Smco assemblies are specified for many applications to all industries and engineering. Pot magnets consists of magnet material enclosed in a metal ‘pot’. The active magnet face is not enclosed. The pot is an essential part of the magnetic circuit. The two magnetic poles are concentric and are both on the end face of the magnet. These magnets are made by setting fettite, Alnico. NdFeB and Smco magnet in steel parts (and/or some non-ferrite magnetic insulate materials, such as Brass and Aluminum), and are avaiable in many different forms and shapes, which are finished in white, black, gray, Nickel or Zinc coating, or rubber covered. A holding magnet has a particular magnetic circuit that can concentrate or insulate magnetic power at a targer space around the magnetic assembly.Pot magnets are the most efficient design for gripping (other designs are preferable for lifting and attracting across air gaps).







Item model                              POT        dimensions in mm Magnet Pull force (N)
Material   ØA    B
POTN02-06 Brass 6 20 NdFeB 10
POTN02-08 Brass 8 20 NdFeB 25
POTN02-10 Brass 10 20 NdFeB 45
POTN02-13 Brass 13 20 NdFeB 70
POTN02-16 Brass 16 20 NdFeB 150
POTN02-20 Brass 20 25 NdFeB 300
POTN02-25 Brass 24.95 48.7 NdFeB 500
POTN02-32 Brass 32 35 NdFeB 650
POTF02-25 Al 25.4 30.2 Ferrite 480

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