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Product detail

  • Product Name:

    Horseshoe Magnet

  • Model No: HLA32.XX


Alnico Horsehsoe Magnets are widely used in fields such as instrument, meter instrument, calibration equipment, jigs and fixtures for heat treatment, holding and clamping tools and etc due to Alico magnets have strong permanent magnetic property and higher working temperature endurance.

Alnico horseshoe Magnet












Specifications of our horseshoe magnet Sere-1:

Model     Size (mm) Power force Weight  (g)
A B C (thickness) N g
HLA32.12 22 11 8.5 21 13.5
HLA32.13 20 11 16 24 20
HLA32.14 28 25 8 27 30


Other Alnico Horseshoe Magnets:

alnico horseshoe magnet-2











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