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About Hilan Magnet

China Ningbo Hilan Magnets Factory is specialized in manufacturing, selling and serving all kinds of magnets and magnet assembly, including Ferrite Magnets, Alnico Magnets,Neodymium Magnets, SmCo Magnets,Rubber Magnets, Magnetic assembly,Magnetic tools and all relative products. At the same time, we can manufacture various permanent magnets according to your drawing and specification, and supply technical service in selecting material and application.

The products of China Ningbo Hilan Magnets Factory are widely used in areas of industry, agriculture, defense, petrochemical, aerospace, navigation, computer science, biological engineering, medical & clinical, instruments and meters. Our products export to Europe, North American, Southeast Asian and other countries, and gained the superior reputation.

China Ningbo Hilan Magnets Factory is dedicated to satisfying customers by providing wide range of magnetic products and relative services. To offer most high quality service to both old and new customers either at home or at abroad is our untiring pursuit.