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Product detail

  • Product Name:

    8” inch Permanent Ferrite Channel Magnet Assembly

  • Model No: HLF90.XXX


Permanent Channel Magnet Assembly is made of permanent square ferrite magnets attaching inside channel steel bar to achieve the permanent holding force. The Channel magnet assembly can be used as the tool holders to catch the steel tools,knifes,screwdrivers,wrench,steel kitchenwares and etc as long as to fixed the channel magnet assembly onto the wall. It will be the conveinent tool holder to place the steel tools in order and save space.

We provide 25mm regular channel magnet assembly, also we can accept your customized specifications such as dimensions, magnet grade, coatings, cover films and so on.

channel magnet assembly 1

channel magnet assembly 2








Model     Size (mm) Power force
Length Width Height N
HLF90.33 101 27 12 13
HLF90.34 152
HLF90.35 203
HLF90.36 304
HLF90.37 457
HLF90.38 609
HLF90.39 914
HLF90.40 1220



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