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    15x6x6mm Neodymium N38 Bar Magnet

  • Model No: 15x6x6mm Neodymium N38 Bar Magnet


Strong Rare Earth Permanent Magnets: 15x6x6mm Neodymium N38 Bar Magnet:

Neodymium magnets have the strongest magnetic propery of  all rare earth permanent magnets, after bonded or sintered milling, neodymium magnets have a hard surface and are easy to machining and manufacturing. The magnetic materail has active  property and easy to be oxided, surface plating or galvanization shall be applied for neodymium magnet’s products. Ni, NicuNi, Znic, Black Epoxy surface treatments are widely used according to specific usage of neodymium magnets.

Neodymium bar magnets can be customized made into rod bar magnet and square end bar magnet or other special contour bar magnet such as with slope end or ball end. The magnets are most used as magnetic pars to be comprised into assembly products.

Customized specification for magnets’ grade, size, coating and shape will be accepted.

Photos of customized 15x6x6mm Neodymium N38 Bar Magnet














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